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Industrial Plumbers in Sydney

Commercial Plumbing Services

PJC Plumbing Services offers specialised plumbing maintenance for commercial and governmental bodies such as local councils, the Department of Education NSW, TAFE NSW, and emergency services. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, reliability, and transparency.

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Supply & Installation

Precision supply and installation services , ensuring top-grade plumbing infrastructure and solutions.

Blocked Drains

Expert solutions for blocked drains, employing advanced techniques to swiftly restore functionality.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Utilising cutting-edge CCTV technology for thorough drain inspections, ensuring plumbing systems are optimal.

Commercial Hot Water

Specialised in delivering reliable commercial hot water systems, designed to meet the demanding needs of operations.

Industrial Plumbers in Sydney

Health & Safety

We believe that we as a company and our employees hold high standards in customer service, reliability, and transparency in all our dealings.


We are dedicated to the customers and contracts in which we service and are committed to high standards in Workplace Safety, Environmental and Quality Management. PJC has adopted many processes to ensure we achieve a high level of satisfaction from our clients.

Industrial Plumbers in Sydney

Quality Assurance

We as a company and our employees hold high standards in quality control measures. PJC has adopted many processes to ensure we achieve a high level of satisfaction from our clients.

Our Quality Management system is certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System which ensures that our processes including training, policies and procedures in quality management are at a very high standard to eliminate any risks or issues that may impact customer satisfaction.

Industrial Plumbers in Sydney

Financial Stability

PJC Plumbing Services has achieved 100% accuracy and timeliness for invoicing and administrative compliance, which has assisted with the smooth running of our clients operations. By selecting PJC Plumbing Services, prospective clients are able to quickly and efficiently transition to a responsive and reliable team of competent and capable tradespersons who are experienced in providing excellent service and value for money to local government. In particular, we are trusted for;

Maximising the availability of Council and community facilities through a responsive and highly qualified team.

High standards of workmanship provided by a committed team with the right skills, equipment and processes to maintain council and community facilities.
Minimising risk and cost for Councils by getting jobs done quickly and efficiently while adhering technical, environmental, safety and administrative standards.
Working collaboratively and professionally with site managers and other Council service providers.
Providing value for money to the Council and its community without compromising on excellent service and workmanship.

Industrial Plumbers in Sydney

Sustainability Initiatives & Community Involvement

PJC Plumbing Services is committed to promoting economically sustainable practices in the communities we currently service including:

Supporting locally owned businesses
Using suppliers from the community and local government area. Our team all have young families, and we regularly attend local fetes and other events in the local councils we service and where possible offer sponsorship. We actively look for opportunities to give to the community such as giving back to local schools and community events through sports and event sponsorship.

Local jobs

We strive to employ staff from the community we are working in. Many of our contracts are with local governments where we have employed people from the areas we are servicing. For Local Government contracts, this means that our plumbers can meet rapid response times plus are more likely to take pride in workmanship done for their own local community. Additionally, this approach is a sustainable investment in skills and economic activity for the local community

"Working with PJC Plumbing has been an outstanding experience for TAFE NSW. Their team of experts not only addresses our extensive needs efficiently but also brings innovative solutions to the table, ensuring our facilities are maintained to the highest standards."

"PJC Plumbing has been instrumental in supporting the City of Parramatta's infrastructure projects. Their professionalism and precision in managing complex plumbing systems across various city-owned properties have been exceptional."

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In the spirit of Reconciliation, PJC Plumbing Services respectfully acknowledges the Traditional custodians of the land on which we work and gather, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the rich and diverse stories, cultures, and traditions of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Precision supply and installation services tailored for government projects, ensuring top-grade plumbing infrastructure and solutions.

Backflow Prevention

Implementing stringent backflow prevention measures to protect water supplies in facilities against contamination.

Blocked Grease Traps

Expert clearing and maintenance of blocked grease traps, preventing disruptions in kitchens and facilities.

Pipe Renewal, Replacement, and Installation

Pipe renewal and installation, ensuring durability and efficiency in plumbing systems.

General Plumbing & Gas Maintenance Services

With a team of experienced professionals, we handle everything from routine inspections to complex repairs and installations.

Emergency & Reactive
Plumbing Services

In the face of plumbing emergencies, our Emergency & Reactive Plumbing Services stand ready 24/7 to address your most critical issues. 

Blocked Drain

From minor sink clogs to major sewer line blockages, our team is adept at clearing any obstruction, ensuring smooth flow and preventing future issues. 

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