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Blocked Drains Solutions

Unblocking Drains Across NSW

Expert Blocked Drain Solutions by PJC Plumbing Services

PJC Blocked Drains Services

High-Pressure Water Jetting

Our powerful water jetters cut through and dispel stubborn blockages like tree roots and built-up grease, greatly reducing the likelihood of future issues in your sewer and stormwater pipes.

CCTV Drain Inspections

With advanced camera technology, we peek into your pipes to pinpoint the exact cause of any blockage. We provide detailed video evidence from our inspections, ensuring you understand the issue at hand.

Precise Pipe Location

Our non-invasive pipe locating tools accurately find and diagnose blockages in your sewer and stormwater lines, ensuring a no-fuss solution to your plumbing woes.

RootX Treatment for Root Intrusions

Say goodbye to invasive tree roots. Our RootX treatments effectively remove these intruders and help prevent their return, safeguarding your pipes for the long haul.

Blocked Drains Solutions

Expertise in Commercial Drain Unblocking

Businesses across NSW trust PJC Plumbing Services for all their commercial drain unblocking needs. From cafes to high-rise office buildings, we understand the complexities of commercial plumbing systems. Our services ensure minimal downtime, adhering to the highest safety and compliance standards, so your business operations can continue unhindered. Regular maintenance and emergency unblocking are just a call away.

Blocked Drains Solutions

Public Space Drain Maintenance

Public spaces are hubs of activity where blocked drains can cause significant disruptions. PJC Plumbing Services is equipped to handle large-scale drainage systems in parks, streets, and community centres with precision and speed. We’re familiar with the unique challenges public spaces present and work efficiently to restore them to perfect working order, ensuring public health and safety are maintained.

Blocked Drains Solutions

Government Facilities Drainage Expertise

Our extensive experience extends to servicing government properties, where security, privacy, and protocol are paramount. PJC Plumbing Services collaborates seamlessly with government departments to provide discreet and secure blocked drain services. We ensure that all work is completed in compliance with stringent government standards and regulations, offering peace of mind and reliable service.

"Working with PJC Plumbing has been an outstanding experience for TAFE NSW. Their team of experts not only addresses our extensive needs efficiently but also brings innovative solutions to the table, ensuring our facilities are maintained to the highest standards."

"PJC Plumbing has been instrumental in supporting the City of Parramatta's infrastructure projects. Their professionalism and precision in managing complex plumbing systems across various city-owned properties have been exceptional."

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